Welcome to Purvidise!

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A BOUTIQUE YOGA EXPERIENCE? Beautiful setting, complimentary essential oil, aromatherapy, tea, and lots of spoiling?

You know you’ve found ‘home’ if you’re looking for yoga classes that are:

  • Individualized, encouraging you be yourself and move at your own pace
  • Focused on safety, self-care, and personal growth
  • Challenge you, and guide you to mature in your yoga practice
  • Helping you to achieve better balance (on and off the mat!), grow stronger, focus
  • AND take yourself a little less seriously!
  • Part of a community of amazing, dedicated people
  • Lead with caring, compassionate instruction
  • Taught by an experienced 500RYT Certified Registered Yoga Teacher and Professional Yoga Therapist (10+ years of experience)


Why do we seek yoga?

Most of us come to yoga looking for a way to alleviate or circumnavigate pain or discomfort. Whether this be physical (postural imbalances, injuries, illness) or emotional (depression, general malaise or discontentment with our life). Yoga can greatly improve or event eliminate most disquiet in our lives. What me must undertint is that these issues serve two purposes: 1) to alert us that we need to make a change and 2)we have something to learn and an opportunity for real growth.

How do I stick with my new practice?

What you must decide is your true motivation level. The path of growth is never easy but always rewarding, in my experience! When we decide to jump in with both feet, face the challenge straight on, and make our needs a priority we can walk through our fears and our pain to the stronger, more engaging, open person we are meant to be.

You are the Captain of your own ship, and I am here to support and guide you on your journey. You decide your pace but must stay steady on your course if you want to arrive at your desired destination. You will experience some waves along the way (other people’s expectations, physical limitations, emotional challenges, etc.). Make yourself the priority, be brave, and keep paddling!

I invite you to make a commitment to yourself and this process by putting your needs first (so that you have the energy for those you love). Write your classes in INK on your calendar, not scheduling anything else during YOUR TIME. Practice at least two times per week, including home practice.  Come to class EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT! (Except of course you have a contagious illness!) The Universe will test your commitment by throwing curve balls. You will always feel better after your practice!


You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage – pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically – to say ‘no’ to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger ‘yes’ burning inside.

– Stephen Covey

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1 class per week (8 per session) $116 Regular Registration/$96 Senior Discount

2 classes per week (16 per session) $212 Regular Registration/$175 Senior Discount




Purvidise Studio

10:15-11:15a GENTLE
330 Kennestone Hospital Blvd, Marietta, GA 30060

Unity North Atlanta Church – Peace Chapel
4255 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, GA 30066

6:15-7:30p ALL LEVELS (to Intermediate)
Unity North Atlanta Church – Peace Chapel
4255 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, GA 30066


10:15-11:15a GENTLE
330 Kennestone Hospital Blvd, Marietta, GA 30060

5:30-6:45p GENTLE
Sacred Garden Yoga Studio (you pay the studio directly)
369 Campbell Hill St NW, Marietta, GA 30060


9:30a-10:15a (fill-in)
Purvidise Studio

10:30a-11:15a (fill-in)
Purvidise Studio

**RSVP only – please contact us before attending

*Wednesday morning (fill-in) classes at Purvidise are not in session after 10/2/19.


10-11:15a YOGA on THE BALL
Purvidise Studio


9:00-10:15a FUSION (slow flow with deep pose exploration)
Purvidise Studio

10:30-11:30a GENTLE/YOGA on THE BALL (we use the large exercise ball for most of the class)
Purvidise Studio


(*discounted rate for seniors 63 or older/students under 25/military)

Please email me  at purvidise@gmail.com with any questions.


  • ALL LEVELS  (Fusion)– This is a general Hatha Yoga class (standard poses) with modifications instructed for any level student. Contraindicated for people who can not get up and down off the floor by themselves, or anyone with debilitating knee or back issues (see GENTLE classes).
  • ALL LEVELS/to intermediate  – The pace is a little faster than ALL LEVELS and more advanced options given
  • GENTLE – This class is appropriate for nearly everyone!  We move at a slower pace so this is an option for beginners and seniors. Take note, this class is not EASY!  You will stretch, strengthen, and practice balance poses. (If you have a serious illness please contact me before starting this or any class.)
  • YOGA ON THE BALL – We use a large exercise ball to modify the poses. Balance and core strength are two of the many benefits of this prop. AND, it’s fun!
  • THERAPEUTIC/CHAIR YOGA – This is the most gentle class. We practice seated on a chair for the first portion of the class and then move to standing positions and some floor work. MANY modifications will be given.



New Students

 A Brief Introduction to Yoga – What is Yoga?

newstudents_01On the one hand, Yoga is a science and a discipline to which many Yogis dedicate years of concentrated effort; it is also the art of effortlessness, in which we discover within ourselves a self which is already whole and complete and to which nothing needs to be done.  Yoga is an ancient science developed by people of great wisdom in the distant past; it is also our everyday life and is found only in the present moment.  Yoga is a philosophy and psychology of great depth, but no matter how much we study, this depth must be experienced within ourselves in order to be Yoga.

Yoga – from Sanskrit word meaning to link or join together.  The intention of yoga is to, connect mind, body, and spirit with the “higher or true self”, and to remember our Unity with the “one” source.

 Benefits of Yoganewstudents_02

– Releases and relaxes areas of tension, taking you out of the “flight or fight” mode to reduce stress which releases reserves of energy
– Awareness exercises will show you where you hold stress allowing you to heal yourself
– Breathing fully brings nutrients to you body improving your entire health picture
– Helps your organs and all your body systems to work more efficiently
– Opens up your Chakras (lines of energy)

 Basic Guidelines for your practice

– Refrain from eating for two hours before your practice
– Drink LOTS of water after your practice as you will release toxins from your system. Hydrate before (and during) the session as well.
– Remember that wherever you are physically is perfect for you, this is YOUR PERSONAL practice.  THERE IS NO COMPETITION IN YOGA!!
– There should be no pain in Yoga.  Only do what you are physically able to do.  There are ways to modify most poses so that you can achieve them at the right level for you. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!
– Breathe through your nose (inhale and exhale) unless instructed otherwise.  Be conscious of your breath and know that if you are holding your breath that you may need to come out of the pose.
– Please feel free to use the wall for balance, come out of the poses when you need to and ask questions!
– I will walk around and physically adjust you (unless you tell me not to!)  If you do not want me to do that on any day, please let me know.


 Group Class Format – Semi Private Sessions:

Monday, Friday & Saturday mornings at Purvidise Yoga studio (by appointment), Monday evenings (chair and Hatha Yoga) at Unity North Atlanta Church.  SEE “CLASSES” tab for pricing.

Please print  and bring the completed and signed copy of your waiver form to your first class.

Beginners Yoga – Private Yoga (Therapy) Sessions:

If you feel that you are not currently flexible enough, strong enough, experienced enough to start in a classroom setting this is a great option for you!  This is also a great way to get back into yoga after a hiatus. Includes personal home routine.

Contact Carolyn Purvis, Owner, Purvidise Yoga at 404-312-2042 or purvidise@gmail.com to reserve a space.

Please remember to print out and bring in a completed copy of this waiver form.

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Yoga Therapy

Research has demonstrated that yoga can reduce stress, lower cortisol levels, improve sleep, increase strength and flexibility, help you lose weight, strengthen your core, and alleviate symptoms of chronic illnesses.


To find out more about what Yoga Therapy is click here.

What is Yoga Therapy?

 Yoga is the science of self-knowledge developed in India over the last 5,000 years.  Forms of Yoga have existed in many cultures throughout history, but in India, Yoga developed into an in-depth science. Yoga is both a vast field of study and at the same time it is as close as our own breath, an expression of the deepest part of our being.  It is a science and a discipline to which many Yogis dedicate years of concentrated effort; it is also the art of effortlessness, in which we discover within ourselves a self which is already whole and complete and to which nothing needs to be done.

– from the Integrated Yoga Therapy manual

Yoga Therapy is a healing modality that uses the tools of yoga asana, pranayama (breath work), mudras (held hand gestures), mantra (sacred sound), and any other instruments of healing that apply to the individual that I am working with. On the physical level, exercises that resemble Physical Therapy can be used to address posture, structural realignment, and range of motion issues.

Yoga Therapy addresses the whole person (body, mind, spirit, energy, emotions) exploring the root of your issues, not just the symptoms. The relationship between the Yoga Therapist and Client is a partnership. I, as a Yoga Therapist, will use intuition, visual discernment, observation and in depth knowledge of anatomy to to help you determine the possible cause of suffering and suggest some methods of relieving your suffering. You as a client will take charge of your healing through listening to your inner wisdom and putting forth the requirement effort for reclaiming your wholeness!

My ideal client could be someone who: is recovering from injury, deals with chronic pain, has not found help from Western medicine, nervous about starting the practice of yoga because of physical concerns, or even someone who has been sedentary for a length of time.

How can I help YOU?

To hear about our student's experiences with Yoga Therapy, click here.

“Learning anything new requires focus.  One-on-one yoga with a caring, determined instructor took me from simply exercising to embracing yoga as a way of life.  My private lessons afforded me the time to build my confidence and to foster the mind and body connection.  The overall benefits of this investment are a much improved physical and mental individual.  My heartfelt thanks to my dear instructor.”

– Maria F

 Sometimes we need a little help to know how & what our body needs. Here are some options to get started!

Beginners Yoga – Private Sessions:

If you feel that you are not currently flexible, strong, or experienced enough to start in a classroom setting this is a great option for you!  This is also a great way to get back into yoga after a hiatus. Includes evaluation & personal home routine.

3 sessions – $210

5 sessions – $325

10 sessions – $550

 Private Yoga Therapy Sessions:

Create a home practice, customize your practice after injury or illness, work one-on-one for that unique yoga experience, or for experienced yogis thoroughly enhance your established practice & take it to the next level! Please allow 75 minutes for each session.

1 session – $80

3 sessions – $210

5 sessions – $325

10 sessions – $600 (includes extra mid-session evaluation)

All packages include initial evaluation on first visit (90-120 mins.) and personalized program.


Specific Focuses for Private Yoga: 

Yoga Coach

As a yoga coach I will evaluate the root of your hurdles by examining our current practice and possible health obstacles/imbalance/posture issues/weakened muscles, etc. and then create a customized home practice to work on a success plan for you. Your role is to be open to my suggestions but to ultimately listen to your body and give me feed- back during the process. What you put into the process will ultimately determine your rate of progress! I make the commitment to you to be fully committed in our partnership. I want YOU to feel empowered and strong!

Core Trainer

This is a specialized training focused in building a strong balanced core (abs, glutes, back). We start with a core assessment, determining your needs in order to create a home practice plan. This training is directed towards anyone who has back pain, balance issues, poor posture.

Strength Trainer

This is a specialized training focused in building strength anywhere that we determine to be weak or imbalanced. We start with an assessment, determining your needs in order to create a personalized home practice plan. This training is suitable for everyone.  Especially good for people coming from a sedentary lifestyle or who want to supplement your current practice and take it to the next level!

 Corporate Sessions:

Please contact me to set up a program for your company.  Reduce employee absences, encourage healthier attitudes! To read more about documented research results click here.




My commitment to you, the student, is to guide you through safe yoga poses (asanas) in a supportive environment using props and gentle adjustments to modify the pose for YOUR body and fitness level. I ask you to commit to arriving at our sessions on time or call me 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule (or cancellation fee of $50 will apply). I expect you to listen to your body and respect its limits, and communicate your needs. Please wear comfortable but not oversized clothing (to check your alignment).  I have mats and props (straps/blocks/blankets) at my studio, you will need to provide them if I come to your location.



Before joining one of our yoga therapy sessions, please print and complete this form to help us get to know you better.

To inquire about classes or private instruction, contact Carolyn Purvis at Purvidise@gmail.com or call 404-312-2042. 


Events & Services


Goddesses unite! A Soul Journey


When: MARCH 27-29, 2020

Where: Dahlonega Resort & Vineyard (Dahlonega, GA)

What do I need to do?:



-Forward this email to your favorite females

Goddesses unite!

A Soul Journey


We’ll blend yoga, breath work, and meditation practices with specially crafted workshops designed to delve into the deeper aspects …….. Included in each practice/play session will be tools and tips (essential oils, stones/crystals, herbs, self massage, the ultimate self care, Q&A time) to integrate what you learn into everyday life. This is time to carve out the deep and meaningful conversations that we NEED to share and the connection we CRAVE. Women need more than ever to stand united and support one another in our collective journey of womanhood.

Together, we will explore four sacred aspects of being a women.

 1) Love & Relationships

2) Caring for and understanding Your Body

3) Spirituality and Self Discovery

4) Career and life goals

Please invite the women in your life to join you on this exclusive retreat. Invite your best friend, sisters, mother, daughter, or granddaughter (13+) or come solo & meet your new best friend!



Dahlonega Resort is now owned by Kaya Vineyard and Winery. I visited the property recently and I know you’ll love the upscale renovations that have been done! The front porch dining area has a stunning view of the mountains and new grape vines. There is a little gift shop, wine tasting gazebo, and of course the magnificent yoga hall. There will be scheduled ‘time out’ to explore the 70+acres of this beautiful property, walk the labyrinth, get a massage, enjoy a wine tasting (on-site). The rooms, spa, and restaurant are newly renovated in a clean, modern style.

Past Retreat Comments:

‘I know this retreat has changed my life. I have been praying for a reboot…to lay a new foundation for this phase of my life.’ (new yogi) Jess W.

‘Loved the schedule! Just enough classes/activities and free time.’ Sarah C.

‘I absolutely LOVED everything about this weekend!” (1st time participant) Farah L.

‘Obtained a lot of info that will improve my life…I made a shift!’ Holly M.

‘This experience has brought about an awareness of just how in touch one can become when you go within and just let yourself be you.’ Evelyn M.

We hope to see YOU on the mat in the mountains!



Carolyn Purvis is Owner of Purvidise Yoga. She is a 500 hr registered yoga teacher (RYT), registered yoga therapist with 15 years of teaching experience, who loves using humor and education to make yoga accessible for everyone. 


Photos from past events:

~ Adventures Off the Mat ~

We get together as a community to experience beauty, cultural events, yoga, and FOOD! If you are interested in joining us make sure you are on our general mailing list or RSVP to me at purvidise@gmail.com



John M. “After breaking a bone in my right foot and pinching a nerve in my left leg during a Karate class accident, I had been physically inactive for a year.

I was then fortunate enough to discover Carolyn Purvis’ Chair Yoga Class.  It has literally changed my life.

The issue it solved for me was balance. I am now able to stretch, bend and flex different parts of my body and not worry about falling. The workout is never boring as Carolyn changes up the routines in every class.  The results can be a workout as rigorous as you feel you’re capable of, but at the same time as comfortable as you need it to be.

I would highly recommend Chair Yoga Class to anyone who wants to get unstuck and out of the sedentary life style they’ve slipped into.  It’s a winner for sure.”

Cynthia W. “I found Carolyn through a company we mutually use. I was looking to make changes in my life and start introducing physical movements into my way to sedentary lifestyle.  She has helped me recognize and deal with stress through breathwork and movement. I have learned so many really great things that have definitely helped to lower my stress and physical pain levels. Carolyn is a fantastic instructor, great listener, and now a friend.  I highly recommend her to you.”

Steve G.  “I have been working out and exercising ever since I was 15 years old.  I do a combination of weight training and various cardiovascular exercises.  It was not until I started taking yoga later on in my life that I started to feel that I was in the best overall shape that I have ever been in.  In just a couple of months, I noticed small aches and pains started to disappear.  I have lower back problems.  Yoga helps me manage the pain much better than any medication I have ever taken.  The breathing and relaxation techniques help me navigate better through this crazy Atlanta traffic.  It’s really hard to describe in words, but ever since I started taking yoga, I am in better overall health and I feel more relaxed.  I originally started taking yoga because a friend of mine begged me to attend a class.  He didn’t want to be the only man in the yoga class.  That was a couple of years ago.  Now, I can’t even imagine yoga not being part of my life.”

Curt H. “I didn’t know what to expect the first time I went to a yoga session.  My fear was that it would be all women who were really flexible who would laugh at this guy who couldn’t even touch his toes.  Boy was I wrong!  There were people of all ages, sex, and body type who encouraged and helped each other improve their practice.  Yoga is more is than just stretching.  It also helps improve your strength, balance, self-confidence, and your ability to relax.  The teacher makes modifications to poses that are suitable for where you are in your practice.  I’ve been practicing yoga for three years now and I love it.”

Tina A. “Yoga is the only exercise that I actually look forward to doing.  It is a great total body workout that stretches, strengthens, and improves flexibility.  Since I joined the class two years ago, aches and pains in my back, hips, shoulders and neck have gone away.  After every class, I feel physically energized and mentally refreshed.  It’s a great experience that I couldn’t live without now.”

Pamela B. “Yoga has been a path to fitness, centeredness and friendship for me. Carolyn has been an inspiring, kind, and wise guide to my journey. As an instructor, she brings vitality, joy, and an unending quest for knowledge to her students. In her studio and through her methods, she creates an atmosphere of calm, well being, and exploration. I am grateful for her teaching.”

Rebecca C. “First I would like to express my deep gratitude to you and your class for helping me achieve something that was only a dream last year at this time. This past week I was able to hike 6.2 miles with an elevation change of 1700 ft in NC with some of my hiking friends. The words thank you can not express the scope of what I felt when I reached the top of one of my favorite hikes. You played a big part in my return.”

Lesa D. My yoga journey has been such a welcomed surprise in my life, and my path has dramatically improved in unexpected ways. I love that yoga is completely non-competitive and every Purvidise session is unique. In my book of life, a surprising new chapter reveals me to myself every Monday evening in yoga class. Yoga, for me, is heaven on earth.”

Terri F. “Your class was awesome on Saturday.  It was like a 100 chiropractic appointments rolled into one.  Plus it was very much an “opening up class” with all the heart opening poses we did.  It was a nice prelude to holiday and being open to receiving all the love and gratitude we deserve!Thank you for always continuing to amaze us.  No matter where I am taking yoga, I always think of you during Goddess pose.  Carolyn: the yoga goddess.”

Lynn M. “I am pleasantly surprised in many ways since attending Carolyn’s yoga classes.  My range of movement and flexibility noticeably increased after the first few classes.  The poses, breathing and relaxation techniques leave me feeling refreshed & energetic after class, unlike any other exercise routines I’ve tried. I will continue this practice for the rest of my life.”

Susan A. “As a returning student in my late 50’s and after a 7 to 8 year hiatus, I knew that I would be taking the practice and postures slowly at first.  During several classes I have actually been aware that my body has retained cell memories.  It’s as though my body knows the pose without my thinking about it, which is a very interesting and encouraging experience!  Carolyn’s enthusiasm and commitment are a delight and lend a special touch to her yoga classes.”

Susan J. Carolyn’s serene and spiritual nature inspires her students. She is particularly interested in helping people over the age of 50 retain and build their physical capabilities, so as to improve their strength and flexibility as they age. She strives to know each student’s limits and needs, assisting them with modifications and props that she has available and is knowledgeable about human anatomy.
As a beginning student in the Gentle Yoga classes, I have already seen some changes in my flexibility and core strength. I am able to comfortably sit cross-legged again!  I hope to learn more about the Practice of Yoga and its spiritual side from Carolyn and incorporate it into my daily routine.

About Us


Carolyn has been teaching an eclectic blend of hatha yoga (including gentle, slow vinyasa flow and therapeutic yoga) since 2006.  Carolyn was inspired by the Anusara method of yoga. She trained extensively with Joesph LePage (Integrated Yoga Therapy), Maria KaliMa (student of Mukunda Stiles, Structural Yoga Therapy) and most recently, Doug Keller (Yoga As Therapy). An eager student, she has also trained with Sean Corne,  Todd Norian, with additional certifications with REWIND Senior Yoga, and Trauma Informed Yoga program.

Her practice was influenced by local legend, Susan Palace, serving as her apprentice for two+ years, offering hands on adjustments during her classes.

Carolyn graduated from IYT with a 200 hour teaching certification in April 2006 and continued on with IYT to receive her 500 hour Professional Yoga Therapist certification in October 2009.  In addition to the yoga training, she took an in depth (176 hour) anatomy course at ASHA School of Massage in Atlanta, GA in 2010.

Carolyn teaches with deep respect for her student’s current level of capability, generously providing modifications and props. She presents her classes with creativity, variety, spiritual insight (from a new thought perspective), and a great deal of compassion.

Her classes emphasize strength building through body awareness, flexibility using passive and active methods, and postural/core awareness.


carolyn_02My story: When I found yoga in 2003 I had bad posture, female issues, digestive issues, and was always stressed out!  At that time, I was ready to make a big change in my life and knew that meant doing something in the healing arts and utilizing my innate teaching skills. I also knew that I would need a creative and rewarding outlet in the service of others.

Yoga helped me to improve (eliminate) not only the physical issues but to learn how to relax and regroup so much faster! It was exciting and I wanted to help everyone I talked to who was suffering in any way and introduce them to the treasures of a yoga practice.  My heart opened wide and found unimaginable levels of compassion for myself and others. Subsequently I was being exposed to new thought Spiritual concepts and the combination made total sense. I now know my mission and purpose in life.

I need to help others reach their full potential through asana and any other tools from my yoga therapy toolbox (breath work, mantra, mudra, physical therapy).  I love connecting with another human being, creating the space for them to be heard.

I have discovered my innate talents; intuition, compassion, kindness, childlike nature and love for life. I especially love supporting the underdog, believe that change is good (really!), have a strong creative vision, am a seeker of a “better way”, and seeing and bringing out the best in others. I have true passion for what I do!

You can contact Carolyn at:
404-312-2042 (mobile)

Click here to visit us on Facebook

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